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Hamilton 100 will produce the greenest, most sustainable event in Commonwealth Games history. Our sustainability plan will touch all the bases, from site planning and construction to procurement, venue management and operations, transportation and accommodations, waste management, and reduction of green house gas emissions. Here are some of the things we’ll be doing:

All New Sport Facilities will be LEEDS Certified, Net Zero Buildings

All new permanent sports facilities that are built for the Games will be LEED certified and Net Zero buildings – energy and water efficient. These facilities will establish a benchmark for the design of all future public buildings and point the way to a sustainable future.

Temporary-Use Facilities will be repurposed following the Games

The residences built to house 2030 Games officials will be converted to affordable housing when the Games are over, creating 500-700 affordable units. The 50 metre outdoor pool that that’s built for the swimming competitions will be broken down into two 25 meter tanks following the Games for reuse as swimming pools in community recreation centres.

Green Transportation

Public transit is at the centre of our strategy to bring people to Hamilton and to move people around during the Games. Hamilton’s new LRT line will move athletes and fans across the lower city, while GO Transit will bring visitors from across the Golden Horseshoe. People will also be able to walk or cycle to most venues.

Zero Waste

We’ll be doing everything we can to reduce waste, both leading up to and during the Games. We’ll be eliminating all non-recyclable packaging at the food concessions and all plastics will be banned. Anything that can’t be reduced or reused will be recycled.

Sustainable Supply Chain

The procurement policy for the Games will favour suppliers who can provide products and services that are both sustainable and ethical. Our first option will always be to lease, rent or buy local, fair trade, and environmentally friendly goods and services.

West Harbour Cleanup

To prepare for the Triathlon event, in which athletes will swim in the bay, we will be implementing an engineering solution to eliminate the blue-green algae and other pollution in the waters around Bayfront and Pier 4 parks. This is a permanent solution – not a temporary fix – that will make it possible for Hamiltonians to have a clean, safe swimming area at Bayfront Park.

Green House Gas Emissions

As part of our commitment to greening the Games, Hamilton 100 will be purchasing high-quality carbon offsets, as recommended by the David Suzuki Foundation, to ensure that the event is carbon neutral (our minimum goal) or carbon negative (resulting in a net reduction of carbon in the atmosphere).