What better place to celebrate that event than in the city where it all began!

Hosting the 2026 Commonwealth Games delivers a positive return on public investment in the form of numerous economic, social, and education benefits and lasting legacies to Hamilton, Ontario and Canada.

Commonwealth Games Value Framework

Commonwealth Games Framework Report

The Hamilton 2026 Commonwealth Games will provide the city with an immediate path to economic revival. The Games will stimulate local business and infrastructure development, provide contracts for local businesses, bring in thousands of new full-time jobs, boost local tourism, and raise regional GDP by well over $1 billion.

Social Development
The Games will contribute to social development through health and wellness, and the construction of affordable housing units in the downtown and east end of the city. The Hamilton 2026 Commonwealth Games will also be the first major international games with more women than men competing, creating role models for Canadian girls.

By hosting the Hamilton 2026 Commonwealth Games, we aim to inspire people of all ages throughout the city. The Games will present endless possibilities for advancing the cause of volunteerism, experiential learning, internships, co-operative job placements and summer jobs for students.

In addition to the legacy that will come from economic activity, innovation, education and employment, the Games will also deliver a legacy through the development of infrastructure. The 2026 Commonwealth Games will help to create new community athletic, recreation, tourism and regional transportation infrastructure in Hamilton.

“It was worth it. It was worth it in the investment and infrastructure, it was worth it for the broadening of the economy, the pride of the city to shine and the promotional value we have got worldwide, and to show the credentials that we are a can-do city”

Tom Tate, Gold Coast Mayor

“After speaking with people in Edmonton we found that even 30 years later, the Commonwealth Games are still a tremendous source of civic pride.”

Alison Sandor, Edmonton’78 Host.