Why Hamilton

The year 2030 will mark the 100th Anniversary of the Commonwealth Games. What better place to celebrate that event than in the city where it all began!

The Commonwealth Games are a perfect fit for a mid-sized city like Hamilton. The large capital investments that are planned for the Games will renew our city’s sports facilities, add more affordable housing, and deliver a big boost to the local economy. Most of the funding for these investments will come from senior levels of government and the private sector.

An estimated 15,000 to 20,000 full-time equivalent jobs will be created in the city. The overall economic impact for Hamilton will be in the range of $1.5-billion.

The Commonwealth Games are much more than just a 12-day sporting event. They are an opportunity for Hamilton to benefit from massive investments that will transform the city in many ways.

Investments in Sport Facilities

Our Commonwealth Games hosting plan earmarks hundreds of millions of dollars to build and refurbish Hamilton’s sport facilities, from the downtown civic arena to the aquatics centre at McMaster University. Neighbourhood recreation centres and playing fields will be refurbished and upgraded across the city.

Affordable Housing

As a contribution to social development, we will be constructing an estimated 500-700 affordable housing units in the downtown and the east end of the city. These will be 1-3 bedroom apartments in energy-efficient, sustainable buildings.

Investing in Sustainability

All of the new sport facilities that we build, and the affordable housing too, will be LEED certified, Net Zero buildings. They will be energy efficient, generating as much energy as they consume. Building design features will reduce heating costs and minimize water waste. Green materials and sustainable best practices will be prioritized in the construction process.

Cleaning up the Harbour

Currently there is no safe area to swim in Hamilton Harbour. An engineering solution has been identified to restore the natural water flow in the area around Bayfront Park, which will eliminate the blue-green algae that makes the beach unsafe. Hamilton will have a clean and safe swimming area in the Bay for the first time in more than 100 years!

A Boost for Local Tourism

More than a million people will visit Hamilton during the Games, spending hundreds of millions of dollars in the city. Following the Games, all of our new sport facilities will help Hamilton’s tourism marketing team to score a larger share of the estimated $6.8-billion annual Canadian sport tourism market.

Contracts for Local Businesses

There will be many opportunities for local businesses to supply goods and services for the Games. Based on past experience, approximately 80 percent of all Games-related contracts will be awarded to local companies. Aboriginal-owned businesses will benefit too.

Investment and Trade

The 2030 Games will be an opportunity to showcase Hamilton to the world. Hamilton business leaders will be meeting with their counterparts from around the world to introduce them to our city and to discuss investment and trade opportunities.

Festival of Arts and Culture

The Games are more than just a sporting event. They will be a celebration of arts, music and culture, the likes of which the city has never seen. With more than a million visitors in the city, there will be a huge audience for Hamilton musicians, artists, performers, fashion designers, film makers, and the whole creative sector.


“It was worth it. It was worth it in the investment and infrastructure, it was worth it for the broadening of the economy, the pride of the city to shine and the promotional value we have got worldwide, and to show the credentials that we are a can-do city”

Tom Tate, Gold Coast Mayor

“After speaking with people in Edmonton we found that even 30 years later, the Commonwealth Games are still a tremendous source of civic pride.”

Alison Sandor, Edmonton’78 Host.