The Commonwealth Games

A Festival of Sport, Culture & Business

The Commonwealth Games, which are often called “the friendly games”, are held every four years as a celebration of sports excellence and culture.

They bring together athletes from 71 Commonwealth nations and territories, in a spirit of friendly competition.

The Commonwealth Games in 2030 will feature 20 sports and 4,300 athletes, drawn from 71 Commonwealth nations and territories.

The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF), headquartered in London England, is the organization responsible for the direction and control of the Games and for delivering the vision of the Commonwealth Sports Movement. One of the important issues the CGF is currently facing is the skyrocketing cost of hosting international multi-sport events. The Federation is working closely with host committees to reduce those costs by identifying operational efficiencies and revenue opportunities and making greater use of temporary venues.

Commonwealth Games Canada (CGC) is a Founding Member of the CGF and is responsible for the growth and development of the Commonwealth Sports Movement in Canada. CGC is a registered non-profit private charity, composed of 36 members (individuals and organizations), governed by an elected Board of Directors and supported by a small staff. The CGC office is located in Ottawa.

The Commonwealth Games is a cornerstone institution of the Commonwealth of Nations, also known as the British Commonwealth, the oldest political association of sovereign states sharing the values of democracy, equality, justice and the rule of law. Its 71 member nations and territories represent more than 2.4-billion people, or 30 percent of the world’s population.

The 12-day event includes a significant cultural festival that celebrates and showcases the arts, music, theatre, dance and food of the host city and nation.