Commonwealth Games 2026

Let’s Bring The Games Home!

M. M. “Bobby” Robinson at the first British

Empire Games in Hamilton, 1930


History Worth Repeating

First held in 1930 in Hamilton, Ontario

First held in 1930 in Hamilton, Ontario, today’s Commonwealth Games are a joyous and inclusive festival of sport and culture, attracting upwards of 4,500 athletes from 72 nations and territories. The Games are enjoyed by a television audience of more than 1.5 billion people.

In March 2020, Commonwealth Sport Canada (CSC) named Hamilton as Canada’s Candidate City for the 2030 Commonwealth Games. Shortly thereafter, the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) made Hamilton an unprecedented and exclusive offer to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games, with a guarantee that our bid would be uncontested by any other city.

That guarantee does not apply to 2030. Six countries have already expressed an interest in hosting the 2030 Games and there is the possibility that Canada will bid for the 2030 Winter Olympics. In our view, this makes a guaranteed 2026 Commonwealth Games a better opportunity than a 2030 Games that we may not win the right to host.

Hosting the Games in 2026 will mean reducing the size and scope of the Games to accommodate the shorter timeline and a tighter fiscal reality imposed by the Covid19 pandemic. However, it will also speed up Games-related investments, creating thousands of jobs and delivering community legacies and sustainable benefits sooner rather than later.
Hamilton2026 is a broad-based coalition of sport organizations, educators, social development agencies, businesses and dedicated city builders who have joined together to bring the 2026 Commonwealth Games to Canada.
As groups and individuals we are united not only by our interest in sport, but by our commitment to leverage the public interest in sport and the resources of the Games to transform our city, inspire our nation, and build a better Commonwealth.
Some might see the Games as an unnecessary distraction from more pressing priorities. We see them as an opportunity of a lifetime – an opportunity to undertake and accelerate a whole series of beneficial community and social development projects right now, at a time when they are needed most.

In 2026, let’s bring the Games home!

We will work hard to represent the diverse voices of Hamilton by crafting a responsible bid that reflects our community values and builds our future together.

Birmingham 2022 Games

The organizers of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games have confirmed which local businesses the Games will be working with to deliver the event, as part of £300m (just over $500 million Canadian dollars) worth of contracts. In the past Commonwealth Games, approximately 80% of all contracts were awarded to businesses in the host city/region. The hosting plan for Hamilton 2026 will target a similar level of local expenditures to stage the Games.

The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games (28 July to 8 August) is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase the West Midlands on the global stage.

Gold Coast 2018 Games


The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018) is about more than a spectacular sporting event. It is also about the opportunities and benefits that hosting the Commonwealth Games will bring to the Gold Coast and all of Queensland before, during and after the event.

On our journey towards 2018, there will be opportunities for Queenslanders to be involved in the Commonwealth Games through a broad range of legacy projects. While some will compete in GC2018 at the highest level, others will give their time and effort to make the event happen. Some people will be motivated to take up a sport themselves or get involved in their community.

We can all contribute directly or indirectly to building positive and lasting benefits from hosting GC2018. The Embracing 2018 legacy strategy continues to be reviewed and refined to ensure the aspirations of all Games partners are identified. With solid planning before, during and after GC2018, Queensland will continue to benefit from GC2018 long after the Closing Ceremony.