Commonwealth Games 2030

Let’s Bring It Home!

M. M. “Bobby” Robinson at the first British

Empire Games in Hamilton, 1930


History Worth Repeating

The year 2030 will mark the 100th anniversary of the Commonwealth Games.

The very first games, in 1930, were hosted in Hamilton. They were known as the British Empire Games back then. More than 400 athletes from 11 countries came together to compete in sporting events that featured track and field, swimming, rowing, boxing, wrestling and lawn bowls.

The 1930 Games were amazing in so many respects. They were the first international sporting event ever hosted in Canada. It was the first time that all the athletes from all nations were housed together in one place – the very first Athletes Village. It was also the first time that a sporting event had featured a medals podium – an innovation that was quickly picked up by the Olympics and every other sports organization.

Over the years, the Games have grown! The most recent, hosted by the City of Gold Coast in Australia, attracted 4,800 athletes from 71 nations and territories, and more than a million visitors and fans.

For its centenary year, we think it would be amazing if the Commonwealth Games returned to the place where it all began: the City of Hamilton.

In 2030, let’s bring the Games home!

We will work hard to represent the diverse voices of Hamilton by crafting a responsible bid that reflects our community values and builds our future together.

Proposed Games Plan

The Hamilton 100 Committee has been directed by Hamilton City Council to develop a plan for hosting the 2030 Commonwealth Games. The Plan will look at how the Games can be a catalyst for economic growth and social development while emphasizing responsible fiscal planning and good project stewardship.

The Plan will be developed through a process of consultation and negotiation with our partners, and with input from citizens of Hamilton. At every step of the way, we will be keeping Hamiltonians informed, through the information on this website, in social media, and through regular town hall meetings.

The Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games are held every four years as a celebration of sports excellence and cultural expression. Participants attend from 71 Commonwealth nations and territories to compete in 16 designated sports, with up to four additional optional sports that are selected by the host city.

The Commonwealth Games are widely known by the nickname “the friendly games”. They are motivated by the ideals of Humanity, Equality and Destiny, and the goal is to bring nations together in the spirit of friendly competition. Para events are fully integrated into the Games schedule and there are an equal number of medal opportunities for male and female athletes.